The third edition of the Serious Games Conference will take place from 23 – 24 May 2014 at the Kintex Convention Centre in South Korea.

Organised by the Korea Games Society (KGS) and the Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA), the Serious Games Conference is divided into two components. The Serious Games & Social Connect Community Conference is an international networking and sharing platform for games/app developers, educators,  healthcare practitioners, wellness providers, government agencies and HR managers employing game mechanics in workplaces. The second component is a research driven conference targeting at academics and researchers working with simulation and games technology.

Our mission is to foster engagement of communities so as to be able to make a positive impact that would enrich the lives of communities within the Asian education and healthcare landscape. Our conference theme is Bridging Communities, Harnessing Technologies and Enriching Lives“.

Serious Games and Social Connect Community Conference 2014

SGSC2014 Pic 01We now know that people learn best when they play. Through play, people are more engaged in their activities. The more engaged they are, the greater the propensity to learn. Schools have realised the potential of using games to introduce concepts and ideas. Enterprises has started to deploy game mechanics and the psychology of games to captivate their target audience when introducing their services and products. Healthcare institutions are harnessing game technology to engage their patients to create positive actions. Government bodies are also deploying games to reach out to the general population to cultivate positive  behaviours. All these are further aided by the proliferation of mobile devices. As such, games are no longer ‘child’s play’. Games’ ubiquitous influence is now felt by the different societies all over the world.

1st International Symposium on Simulation & Serious Games 2014 (ISSSG 2014)

At the same time, academic research in gaming technologies has recently witnessed a plateau in improving rendering, texture mapping, physics and artificial intelligence.  There has also been a change in game design where the focus is now on the users – user experiences, effective game story-boarding, human-computer interaction and optimal experience design. The Korean Game Society will be initiating the 1st technical conference in serious games calling for a gathering of likeminded academics and researchers in this field.

All accepted papers published in the proceedings will be indexed at CrossRef* with DOI. Accepted papers will also be indexed in ISI Thomson (Web of Science). CrossRef is an independent membership association, founded and directed by publishers. CrossRef’s mandate is to connect users to primary research content, by enabling publishers to work collectively. CrossRef is also the official DOI® link registration agency for scholarly and professional publications. CrossRef’s citation-linking network today covers tens of millions of articles and other content items from thousands of scholarly and professional publishers.

Besides indexing in CrossRef, all accepted submissions, after the refereeing process, will be published on international journals, IJMUE or SERSC. Both publications will be indexed in the major academic databases, including SCOPUS. Authors would need to pay an additional USD 200 as publication fees.

IJMUEMultimedia and Ubiquitous Computing is emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm   to provide computing life services any time, any where. Our Journal provides   a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress   in the area of multimedia and ubiquitous environment including models and systems,   new directions, novel applications associated with the utilization, and acceptance   of ubiquitous computing devices and systems. To bridge the gap of users who do not have access to major databases where   one should pay for every downloaded article; this online publication platform   is open to all readers as part of our commitment to global scientific society.

IJCVRIJCVR is an international refereed journal in the field of image processing, pattern recognition, machine vision and image understanding, providing an international forum for professionals, engineers and researchers.


 Who Should Attend:

The Serious Games and Social Connect Community Conference is primarily targeted at Content Experts and Developers. Content or Subject Experts could be school teachers, medical practitioners, nurses, therapist, corporate human resource managers, marketing managers, military officers, etc.

For Developers. you may be entertainment game developers wanting to expand into the growing serious games market. Developers could also include big data technicians, apps developers, graphic artisit, etc.

The International Symposium on Simulation and Serious Games is primarily targeted at academics and researchers.


Good Game Show

Good Game Show 2014 More information coming soon!

Serious Games Asia

The Asian Federation for Serious Games was formed on 4th October 2012 during the 1st Serious Games Conference. Come find out more about us at Serious Games Asia.

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